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"what I estimate to be around 2.9lbs of R12."

I hate the idea that all the preaching I have done over the last couple of years concerning the need to accurately determine that amount of refrigerant installed was for naught.

I hate that after asking you about the guage readings under specific circumstances... which are required by the FSM for starting the diagnosing sequences... that you did not provide them... and that you did not follow procedure sufficient to ensure the CORRECT amount of oil in your system.... I have preached about that for a long time also... because the books talk about how important it is....

"I just hate the thought of having to redo what has now cost me $350.oo. I would feel better with some information about why it is doing this and/or what can be done to fix it."

We are not magicians... and we can't tell except from your descriptions what may have happened....and something which you were not aware of may have happened which naturally you can not tell us about since you were not aware that it was of consequence...

So you need to go run the AC to see if getting the unknown amount of oil you do have in it spread around will fix the noise problem... and stabilize the system like the FSM requires in its test procedure.....and then report back the guage readings....and the ambient temperature and vent temperatures at low blower speed also....
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