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Ok, if it was only the clutch going out then we can assume that major trash was not in the system... since you said you flushed .... I was only worried that the ' manifold' as they call it... the actual pipes at the compressor... the tubing attached to the rubber lines had not hidden trash.... the FSM calls for Replacing it in that case because some have a screen inside them which make proper flushing impossible....
If this is just a belt that will be great...
However, there really is no way to tell if you need more oil or not... only complete evacuation and flushing , then careful measuring putting it back in can provide the ability to know how much is there.
Remember that too much oil is a real problem also.... I would worry myself about placing all the oil into the R/Dryer .... I think usual procedure is to spread it around some...
When you evacuated ... did you do it on both the service ports ? IE, both sides of this oil load ?
Your pressures seem high but I would not change anything until you have a couple of hours of running to see if it is the slug of oil needing to get distributed...
Be sure the fins on the condensor and radiator are clean and not bent. And that the aux fan will kick in when needed.
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