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There is a very irritating rattle coming from--I think--the roof mounted switch console on my C200. My car was built for August 1998 and so is a facelifted car. It has a panel in the roof with four switched for the interior lights, two interior lights, and a map reading light.

The rattle goes away if I exert slight upwards pressure on the switch console. I figure it could be slightly ill-fitting plastics or a rubbing against the roof or roof lining.

It is very easy to remove the big interior light lenses. What I want to know is how to remove and re-fit the rest, that is the black trim panel and switches, and the pale grey plastic unit that holds all the works.

My first step is to put some black felt in the small gap between the switch console and the rear view mirror attachment. If that doesn't cure it, I want to re-fit the switch console with new clips if necessary and may be glue it up.

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