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Can anybody tell me if it is possible to purchase new door tumblers with the key included for the '86' 420SEL? When I purchased the car, the previous owner claimed that a friend jammed the lock with the wrong key. When the key is entered into the drivers door, the tumbler turns to the right, but will not turn to the left. I have gone to a regular locksmith, but they could not help me. They could cut a duplicate key, but I think the tumbler is the problem, not the key. It was suggested that I purchase new door handles, which is very expensive, and it was not known how this would effect the alarm system. Also, the key does not come with new door handles. On rainy days I don't drive the benz because I get drenched having to open the passenger door in order to get into the drivers seat. Can anybody give me some more suggestions? The nearest dealership, (about 100 miles away), does not have user friendly hours for me, and I am sure this is going to cost a bundle if I could get to them. Please Help! Any suggestion is very welcomed!
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