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A very important thing about mercedes camshafts:Never fail to do your oilchanges!
The small tube above the cam has really small holes in it to spray the cam with oil,and little carbon or dirt in the pipe and your cam gets dry and worn pretty fast...
With most respect for the other answers you got,i dont think you should replace a good camshaft.I donīt know what a cam costs where you live but in Sweden where i live itīs rather expensive...Just make sure you use an oil of best quality and change it in time...
About the thing on the sparkplug...i think itīs better to fix the problem instead....
Maybe a compression test can tell you more about that cylinder.
Does it smoke when you start the engine or when you accelerate?
At start:valvesealings,at acc.:piston rings....
I dont think you should worry abot the cam bolts...the are not so very firm thightened.
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