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I used to do 180 miles to Detroit on Tuesday, then 180 miles back on Friday.

I put on 28,000 miles, mostly freeway, during the 14 months I had mine, from 236k to 264k. I wish I had the car to put them on when it was 100k younger.

It went through a serpentine belt, tensioner and pulleys, radiator, alternator, upper control arms, developed a leak in the fuel lines and an erratic radio. Rust froze up the parking brake shoes and two power window motors quit working.

Not one body panel was rust-free, the rear defroster wires were mostly not working, and more rust was beginning to show under the window seal.

The last straw was when the tilt/sliding sunroof broke and the cable screwed up. It just got the best of my wallet...

It was a wonderful highway car, fun to drive anywhere, and it is hard to move on, but I must.

Y'all keep yours running and enjoy 'em for me.

Best Regards,
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