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OK now I've finally got my rear parcel shelf out! After gently tugging on it with much frustration, I yanked on it in a fit of rage and I snagged it out. It appears the centred mounted brake light was just some how stuck on the back window...... who cares its finally out!!!

I've been playing around with the speaker holes and was having trouble getting the 5 1/4"s in a good location that I could properly attach the grills without bumping into that annoying little ridge at the edge of the rear window.

I've heard some people have taken the speaker cradles of older 1990ish Honda Accords which apparantly have 6X9's in the back, can they actually be deep enough to sit on top of the parcel shelf and contain 6X9's???

Is this bull**** guys???
Any tips on mounting the speakers in the rear parcel shelf??
MBenz, ScottyC ???? Anyone???
Please offer any advice you can....
I'm still not sure about how I'd feel with "Honda" parts in a Mercedes-Benz......

Please let me know guys!!!Thanks
Mike McKinney
190E 2.6 - 244 000 km
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