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Concerning an '84 300D turbo-diesel:

1) What are the valve specs for this motor and are the valves to be adjusted hot or cold?

2) Are there any tricks for flushing the coolant system? Will most of the old stuff come out just by disconnecting the lower radiator hose?

3) Does anyone know what brand ATF MB recommends? With a drain and fill, how much fluid do I need altogether, and what is the procedure for filling (i.e., once drained, how much do I first put in before I start the car and top up)? Do I have to worry about the little torque converter drainplug comming loose? Should I put a little bit of Threadlocker Blue on it?

4) I just bought the Haynes manual, but it doesn't give any recommended jack points. Is there a central front and rear jack point for these cars?

5) My car has a metal tube right under the air cleaner housing that runs down underneath the turbo. The thing is, it doesn't connect to anything on the aircleaner end! Is this not designed as a drain for accumulated oil from the PCV system? My PCV tube runs directly from the valve cover down to the intake right in front of the turbo, so there really is no way for oil to ever accumulate in the filter housing - so why this pipe? Its bone dry and just dangling there. I can't figure it out. Anyone else out there with an '84 who could describe to me what theirs looks like?

All for now, thanks!

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