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I drained my tranny and converter together while I changed my filter. There is an allen head bolt in pan for draining, mid pan bottom passenger side, and there is also one in the front side of the torque converter which can be seen through the window in the front of the tranny when lined up correctly. As for fluid, Dexron III is the fluid of choice as I'm told. The fluid level is tricky on these things, the temp of the tranny really affects how full it seems. I found it best to fill with 6.5 qts. which gets you very close then run till you think it is up to temp and check, add as needed. To really check the fluid level now; I wait for the tranny to cool overnight and check the level while it is cool. The level when cool like this should be 10 mm below the lowest mark on the stick. Checking it cool is a sure fire way to get it right. I hope this helps you out.

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