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all you need

is the timing chain (it comes with the link) the valve cover gasket, a new tensioner, the tensioner gasket, the crimp tool and some time. I would recommend having a side grinder (or something to grind off the old chain link) a really strong light (to look down in there and inspect the guides) and the socket to fit on the crankshaft bolt to turn it over with. Make sure you stuff clean rags down in the space underneath the cam sprocket to prevent debris from falling down in there. Also, after you remove the valve cover you will want to remove the tensioner. Start everything at TDC and with the new chain in place you should end up at TDC with the cam marks lined up. Oh yea - use a magnet to remove the debris prior to pulling the rags out and make sure you maintain the chain/sprocket relationship at all times.

By all means - if you do this job yourself - take your time.
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