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Originally posted by chowpit
The US 300CE/E320CE came with ASR and cruise. The 104 engine debuted in the W124 in 1993 in the US.
This sounds useful! I have an auto transmission and I have factory mounted ASR...Is there any way that I can get information about the servo motor that is used on these ASR with cruise control cars? According to the MB partshop guy I talked to, the part#s for the servomotors are different (when used for either ASR or cruise control).
My 300SL is already equipped with the connector that fits the cruise control switch (below the steering column under the dash). Is there anybody who can provide me with an electrical layout for a cruise control combined with ASR on a early 90 6-cylinder?

Am I asking too much now?

Originally posted by Ashman
My friend had a 1971 Fiat, a tiny little car, and the cruise control was justa level that locked the accellerator in the postion you had it in. Of course I am sure you would not want to do this to your car.
You are right; I don't want to do that...

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