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Well, it seems a lot is going on in this thread. Ron, if the tension adjusting rod (screw) has come off the tensioner, then the rivet which holds the rod to the adjusting collar gas broken away. The only way that the adjusting screw can be removed is to have clear access to the rear of the tensioner assembly..which means the tensioner lock bolt would have to be fully removed and the tensioner body would have to be separated from the supporting brackets. Therefore, if your adjusting rod (screw) is off the collar (round casting with two flat sections which mate with the tensioner body), the rivet which hold the rod to the collar has broken away. If this is the case, the replacement rod and collar (an assembly consisting of the adjusting rod riveted to the collar) can be purchased from the Parts Shop here for about $12.00, Also comes with a new adjusting nut. Check under FastLane, online catalog, your year and model, cooling system, accessory belt tension adjust. Look at the picture and you will see what I am talking about. Good Luck.
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