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400E 92 Sliding Sunroof Mystery solved

First of all thanks to all of you who replied about my sun roof not working. Well today it's working just fine. I took it to a mechanic for an oil change and when I mentioned my sun roof wouldn't open even after changing fuses he told me to check my cigarrette lighter to see if any coins or objects may have fell inside the lighter chamber. Well I checked and found a penny there. When I removed the pennny and put a new fuse in PRESTO the sun roof works!

It appears that the copper penny was the cause for the frying of the 25 amp fuses I kept trying to install..

Amazing, eh, good thing there are honest mechanics around. As you can tell I am a non-smoker had I kept the lighter where it belongs, oh well..'

The good thing is the problem was solved for free
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