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David, What a nice test and answer you have done. Bravo!!
For item #22, I believe it's compressor RPM on my car. When in EC mode it's 0, in AUTO mode no matter temp set to HI, LO or 72 degrees it's 9.3 which can be interpret as 930 RPM, at the same time the engine speed, item #21, is in idle 760 RPM. And it goes up along with engine rev up.

I only did the test in idle and recorded one data only. I'll try again tonight to record the pressure range as you did. The value of #7 I got is:
EC/temp LO: 6.8
AUTO/temp LO: 13.6 (varying)
AUTO/temp 72: 12.7 (varying)
AUTO/temp HI: 14.0 (varying)

By the way, what is the reading of #50? It's 0 degrees C at both EC/LO and AUTO/LO, 21 degrees C at AUTO/72 and 68 degrees C at AUTO/HI.

The ECU will cut out fire when engine reached 4000RPM in P & N gear for protection. Well, BMW does not do this way. You can experience body shudder in such condition, very similar to over RPM protection when driving. Don't worry about it.


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