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Hi All:

Okay, now I am really at a lost here!

I checked all vacuum lines with the hose to ear test. Had a mechanic do the check with me. No vacuum leaks.

Timing is right at 9 degrees BTDC. I have used premium gas from 76, Chevron, Shell and Arco. I have even gone as far as to use Octane booster.

Could the noise be coming from the tranny? My mechanic thinks it may be coming from there. I had it serviced a month ago and it was filled with synthetic fluid from Amsoil. Tonight we changed the rear shocks, 3000 mile oil change, oil filter, cap and rotor, motor mounts and tranny mount that was broken.

While changing the tranny mount, I noticed there was a bushing between the tranny and the drive shaft that was split. Could this be the culprit?

Please advise. Any information on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

1987 260E Charcoal Grey 157,000 Miles
1987 260E Forest Green 120,000 Miles
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