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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton
If I assume that the W124 is identical to the W126, then you have no problem. Just order a block heater cord from any of the suppliers and it will fit. The protective plastic cap is removed and the cord plugs right in.

The dealer cord is slightly different, IIRC. At double the price you get a threaded cap that secures the cord to the side of the block. The typical cord that I received last year just plugs onto the pins.

I will tell you that I made the effort to put the cord on, however, never plugged the 603 in all winter. It starts at 8F. the same way it starts at 70F. You just need to let it run the full 40 second glow.

Out there, I really don't think you will need one.
Out where? You mean I won't need it in West Texas in 8 degree weather? I just remember the trouble I had starting 123's in 15 degree weather once.
I still want one, the kind that screws on preferably. Thanks, Brian I'll try the dealer next week
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