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Hi everyone,

I've just purchased a new YORK compressor (together with clutch) for my 1983 W126 (280SEL). It comes in black, looks like spray-painted to me. When I brought it to my mechanic for fixing, he look surprised and asked if I'd gotten a reconditioned compressor. I said of course not, but called the a/c company anyway to double-check. They told me its definitely a new compressor, and the color black was because the new batches now all come shipped in that color, from the factory!

As much as I wanted to believe the a/c company, the compressor to me really looks like a used unit, and even the black paint seem unprofessionally done. But before I kick up a fuss at the a/c company, I would like to check with fellow members here about the authenticity of the compressor. My current YORK compressor is all silver in color, so does anyone here knows if there is really truth in the black compressor idea?

Please help, thanks!!

1983 W126 (280SEL)
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