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Originally Posted by MikeFLA
Left turn signal inop. Right is OK. Using a test light I determined that there is no power to the left turn signal fixture. Can't be the fuse because they both use the #12 slot and that fuse is okay as edvidenced by the right signal working properly.

This is a 1984 300SD ... Any thoughts?

By the way. I have been in the background learning much from each and every poster. I am also blessed to be within driving distance of Steve at Continental Imports in Gainesville, Florida.

I assume that "no power to the left turn signal fixture" means you have pulled the light bullb (did you check the bulb?) and tested the socket. If that is the case, then you must have an open circuit to that socket: e.g. loose or corroded connection, or broken wire. Let's see: 21 years old, Florida, hot, humid, and salty. Assume corrosion; clean the contacts and apply some di-electric grease available at any auto parts store.
Hope this works.
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