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Brothers of The Benz,
It had to happen, I was too bragheart about my A/C being 14 years of age with 176,000 miles and blowing cold.
Nope not anymore!
The pressure gauges told the story; discharge and suction pressures the same, 60 psig.
It gave up the ghost, the compressor that is.
My beloved 1987 W124030(300E) now sports a new(whoops M/B rebuilt)compressor and clutch assembly, a new drier/filter/reciever and expansion valve.
This along with R-134A and Mercedes Benz super dooper oil and it IS blowing cold.
I contacted M/B USA and inquired if there was an extended warrantee or a special parts campaign to cover my costs?
The gave me the E-Mail address and suggested I establish correspondence.
If these new units last as long as the originals did, I will be in tall cotton!
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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