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Slowly becomong warmer?

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In reading your post how the discharge air slowly became warmer and that the system would not take a charge; sounds as if the compressor does not have any suction, the low side pressure is too high.
Using R-12, the low side pressure should be approximately 32-34 psig.
As the compressor hasn't the ability to pull that pressure, the evaporator temp rises.
If the valves in the compressor are not closing to create this suction the freon can not be drawn into the system.
If you can, a simple method to test the compressor is to use 2 wooden flats across the suction hose and clamp the hose off using a "C" clamp.
This will make the compressor pull max suction pressure.
If no suction then you've found your problem.
Then there's the expansion valve if the compressor checks OK.
If you had a restiction on the low side the pressure would be a it's minimum, and if on the high side at it's maximum.
I hope all of my rambling on hasn't put you to sleep.
And I hope I'm totally wrong for this week I had to replace my compressor.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!

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