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450 SLC 5.0
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Their engines are top notch. They’ve been around for years – that in and of itself says something in the high-end engine business. I’ve been to their shop several times, last time was about two years ago, and the same guys are still working there. The reason that is important is obvious; they know these engines like the backs of their hands, and experience definitely counts. Years ago, I had a shop next to the guy who used to grind all their crankshafts (I wonder if he still does?) and he was known as one of the best in Southern California.

Ask for Mike, he is the owner. It never hurts to have a little introduction from an old friend & customer. Tell Mike that the “big tall guy with the European 450SLC 5.0 that used to have a shop next to ‘Arneckes’” sent you. (Sorry, I don’t like to give my name over the net). Maybe he’ll take extra good care of you. ;-)
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