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I've been an MBCA member for 3 years in Canada and I really think it has been worth more than the membership fees. The Star is an excellent magazine and the club events are really cool, lots of nice people, lots of nice cars. The tech forum is not a big as this one and there are no special forums for tech, performance, SLs, etc. I have always found good advice on both sites, and I usually post the same question on both forums when I have one. This site has alot more features, such as email notification, the big one - technician monitors - is invaluable. So this site is certainly the better of the two by far. That's not to say the MBCA forum is no good, I have gotten lots of good tips and info there and met lots of great people. If you were going to join the MBCA just for the site it might not be worth it, especially since this site is free. I think the other benefits of the club well worth the fees. Either way, joining the MBCA doesn't mean you have to stop using this site. Join up and use both this site and all the club ammenities to the fullest!

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