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Hey Avus,

I'm about to join as well. I was a member about 15 years ago. Have been driving BMW's since then and just recently purchased a 400e so planned on re-joining. Now I'm not so sure ...

I live in Ventura County, Ca. The local region is Channel Islands. I went to the MBCA site but wanted to get a sense of the local region before I joined. Clicked on the contact shown for the region. I have sent 7 emails. All returned undeliverable. First 6 came back "box full", last one came back "user unknown". What's up with that?

I contacted John McCollister from the Central Coast region (the next closest)He was very helpful and got bck to me right away providing a telephone number for a contact at the Channel Islands region. I called, asked if I could speak to the person named by John. The reply ... a very curt "NO" and then he hung up. Nice huh? I'm not sure this is a group I care to be a part of frankly.

If the Central Coast region wasn't 2 hours away I'd certainly go there as they seem to have a very active chapter with a nice mix of activities judging by the newsletter I recieved from them.

I've been a BMWCCA member for 20 years ... and a very active one I might add. The experience was wonderful, the people were even better. I was very much looking forward to the same kind of experience and activism with MBCA. Looks like there is work to be done though, atleast at my local level.

The forums there are no match for this one. This MSHOP has already been a rich source of info for me in the less than 2 months I've been visiting. I feel much more like sending the $45 to support this activity at the moment.
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