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Service Issues

When will the individual dealerships learn that the 'Brand' only sells the first car, the service department sells the next ten! I work at a Ford store, and I can say from numerous experiences that the customers want to be taken care of by the service dept. It may cost a few dollars a few times, but you can't trip over a dollar to pick up a dime! If you help a guy out once, he (she) WILL remember you. When your local service dept.(no matter the brand) forgets that the cust. is numero uno, its all over. It generally only takes one offhand comment to the store owner about poor service to get satisfaction. This could be the reason why service writers have such a high turnover rate!
I don't no anything about MB USA, but if you call the Ford cust. hotline and complain, they come straight down on our owner!! Good luck gents!
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