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The Bob
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IT is not a hard job, I just did mine on a 300d. It was not easy dealing with the backseat but it all came out ok. Be careful with the bolts in the rear as they are prone to breaking off. I soaked it in liquid wrench for a couple of days before i got around to doing the job. Just spray it when you get out of your car a couple of times. It helped my job. You should get the haines book at least it helps a little. Also take off the rubber boot of the front shocks and replace the bushings inside when replaceing the front shocks.
Finally i would suggest using blistien or boge shocks. THis job is alot of work and good parts are a must. I got my parts for about 225. The car drives so flat now its great. WHile you got the wheels of you may want to inspect your brake pads. They too are easy to put in.

Have fun

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