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To Get It Smooth

Brother of The Benz, Herr Leber
Benz light alloy wheels can be a bear to balance properly.
Most balancer operators fixture the wheel with a flat tool on the inside and a cone in the small cap hole or a rubber multi-fingered tool on the outside of the wheel.
This technique will NOT align the wheel on an accurate center line.
DEMAND that cone tooling be used at both the inside and outside centers of the wheel.
In doing this you will have the BEST balanced wheel/tire you've ever had.
DEMAND that the weights be attached only to the inside of the wheel. Using the clamped and the taped on weights.
Smooooth all the way to max cut off.
I too use Sears NTB, but I've had to try more than one shop to get my balancing performed as "I" want it done.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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