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Spiderman, My SD sat for a year and a half in rainy Oregon with out being driven,(bad medicine for brake system) and my guess when doing normal detective work as one dose when buying a new jewel is that some if not all of its previous owners had interest other than sterling maintenance practise.The main clues were mismatched tires, very dirty interior, 170 k and it had had the engine replaced (the replacement engine had 66k on it) so for a price of six teen hundred I had the basis for a very nice auto , for about a thousand more it now has new Michelins new brakes, hoses ,belts, glow plugs etc. , as I paint cars as a hobby I will end up with a very fine vehicle for less than 3 k. I used to rebuild calipers but did this one the lazy way with no regrets , so for the price of a clapped out Toyota pick up truck I have a beautiful machine that I plan to keep till there is no more fossil fuel.........
William Rogers......

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