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A mystery solved????

Thanks for the advice BenzMac. It gave me the impetus to go back and play with the whole thing to see what the heck you were talking about. Here's where we stand: The oil pump drive shaft on this Benz must be made up of segments that interlock or something like that. When the distributor is removed one can rotate the oil pump drive shaft clockwise but not counterclockwise. What's up with that? There are particular spots around this 360 degrees of motion that work ie: If you put the distributor back in it will not engage the oil pump shaft fully and you will be able to turn the rotor by hand even while pushing down hard on the distributor. I can't see how this operates from my vantage point. However, there are some spots on that 360 degree circle that "catch" and the rotor won't turn either way when the distributor is re-inserted. I then start the car and fine tune the timing and it runs OK, but.... what the hell did I do? I don't quite understand it fully but the car runs very well, as well as it did before anyway. Does anybody know the particulars of this bit of Benz lore? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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