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OK, here's one I have yet to experience. My babe is not completely releasing from reverse. It feels like a partial release. In neutral, she will creep backwards. I can get forward speeds, but..there is a definite drag which tells me that I still have a partial engagement of reverse. I believe this is the 722.3 tranny. I do not have any trouble shooting lit for this box. Questions.. Is reverse a band and servo piston setup or is it a clutch pack? Am I looking at a major teardown (hope not) or can I deal from the base. Fluid is not burned yet so I am putting her on the sidelines until I get an idea where this may go. Could this be a valve body issue or is it in the actuator end of the system? Linkage is tight and shift arm is tight. I do not have the base down yet, so I have not eyeballed the inside of the case. Any expert guidance would me greatly appreciated. This would not be a problem if it were a GM, or Chrysler product, but I confess my experience is limited when it comes to the MBZ transmission. Maybe because mine has been so reliable for 190,000 miles. Thanks in advance guys.. BTW, Happy Father's Day to all that this applies too..

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