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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987
I tried to post this before, but I guess the form never sent (my internet connection is lousy at home). Here's my Q: Is there any harm to plugging the vac line while NOT using a blocking plate? What is the effect of having the vac line plugged when the unit is stuck open? Is that any worse than leaving the unit to function untouched? Basically, my understanding is that plugging the vac line is helpful at best and harmless at worst. Is that a correct assessment?
The valve operates on vacuum. If the valve is working properly and you disconnect and plug the vacuum line, the valve can't open. The blocking plate simply allows you to remove the valve.

However, if the valve is mechanically stuck open, it doesn't need any vacuum to open and removal of the vacuum line won't accomplish anything. You must remove and clean up the valve so that it is unstuck. Or, you must use the blocking plate.

Plugging the vacuum line is helpful most of the time and harmless if the valve is stuck open.
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