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After enjoying this forum for the last year or so (on a different computer with a different username) I finally took advantage of FastLane. I ordered a new wiper blade assembly online. Arrived in 4 business days, price was less than I'd seen elsewhere, and was the correct Bosch part complete with "124" stamped on the part.

Well, lo and behold, though I ordered 1 blade, the box contained 3! Even the invoice said 1 blade ordered, so I knew a mistake had been made and also knew I'd never get billed for the extra 2 blades if I kept my mouth shut. Having a pang of conscience, I emailed Bill Wood to see what I should do (mail the extra 2 back, keep them and pay for them, etc.) Imagine my surprise when I got a prompt reply from Bill to keep the unordered blades, no extra charge! Absolutely incredible.

I have NO personal interest in FastLane, but would say if you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and do so. You'll be glad you did.
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