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Hello board© Here's one for bstreep or anyone who has done the keyless entry©

As a reference, I have studied bstreep's awesome thread on the keyless entry ¥http://www©mercedesshop©com/shopforum/showthread©php3?threadid=11777¤ and the previous picture-by-picture instructions ¥http://www©mercedesshop©com/keyless/keyless_install©htm¤©

Some background© We have a 1995 E320 Wagon that we purchased Starmarked in 1999© We love the wagon but we are slightly miffed at Mercedes because they finally figured out that today's driver wants keyless entry, a glove compartment and drinkholders but did so in models AFTER 1995© At least we have solved the drinkholder problem©

OK, I'm reading this board and come across the keyless entry thing© Damn, what a post© So at this time, my wife is taking our new "other" car into the tinting place to get the front windows tinted ¥living in South Florida, tinting is a prerequisite to existing in the Summer¤© This place also does car alarms, and she said that she would ask them if they could do this install© Why would she do this? Because this is her car and while I am capable of stuff around the house ¥installing and wiring ceiling fans, high hats, outlets, etc©¤, the only work on a car that I have done is change a speaker or two©

I make her bring in the two posts and they sort of laugh at her cautiousness ¥strike 1¤© The say that it could be done "no problem" and that it would have the engine kill and other things that bstreep said his install didn't do, for a cost of about $125© Adding the Crutchfield price of $87©87, figuring in the extra things that the alarm guy said that he could do and the time, effort and aggravation that I might save myself, I figure that it's worth it© So we set a time for yesterday morning©

I drop the car off and again it's "no problem©" They seem like capable guys so I'm not worried© Three hours later, no call so I figure everything went OK© I go to pick up the car and they shake their heads and say that it can't be done because this model uses a "vacuum©" I'm like, "DUH" - this is what my wife told them from the outset© I told them again that I had step-by-step instructions for how to do it© Anyway, they are going on vacation and they said to call them ¥not that they would call me, mind you¤ in a few weeks©

So naturally, those guys are off the list ¥anyone who's seen "The Quiet Man" would know that I wrote their name in my little book and struck a line through it¤© So now I ask you guys:

Do I find someone else to do this or is it really simple enough that I should give it a try next Saturday? I found the directions a little complicated but only in terms of making connections - soldering is easy, but I'm not familiar with some of the types of connections that seem to be required© Really, any advice would be appreciated and I can provide additional information if you need it ¥estate planning lawyer by day, Marlins fan by night, so, as you can see, I have absolutely no life whatsoever¤©


George Karibjanian
Boca Raton, Florida
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