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...happy with mine. My 1991 420SEL is my third Benz. I am very happy with it and would highly recommend the 420SEL to others.

I am only the second owner. Its first owner was a company executive and the car was religiously maintained. If the car as much as hiccuped, they'd bring in a guy from Stuttgart (sp?) to burp it. Regular maintenance is very important for these cars.

When I bought it, it only had three "problems." Noisy A/C aspirator fan, air noise from windshield and rough cold idle. All three problems have now been fixed at a minimum cost and the car runs and rides as it was designed. Given the price I paid ofr it, I feel that I am still way ahead in terms of value received for dollars paid.

I think the 420, from the w126 series, represents some of Benz's best engineering, design and execution. The 560 is more powerful and somewhat more luxurious, but then there are also more power accessories to go bad over the years. In my experience and in my research I found that the 420SEL is not overly expensive to maintain or run. The mpg on the 420 is slightly worse than in the 300SEL and somewhat better than in the 560SEL.

I'd check to make sure that the timing belt on your proposed purchase has either been replaced, along with the rails, tensioners, etc., or that you have a mechanic inspect it for signs of wear.

If the car passes an exam by a trusted mechanic, then I'd buy it.

Good luck and enjoy!
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