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I just purchased a 1995 C220 with 148K miles on it. The car is very nice but for a few items:

(1) The cruise control works intermittently. I drove 700 miles yesterday and it worked for the first 250 miles then quit. I eventually stopped, turned off the car, played with the vacuum lines under the hood, and it started working again. Note that I do not know whether (a) turning off the car, (b) playing with the lines, (c) the mere passage of a cooling off period, or (d) all or none of the above resulted in it working again.

It continued working for 150 miles or so, quit, and eventually popped back on later during the journey. Any ideas? Loose or leaking vacuum line, loose electrical connection, too much hysterisis in the throttle linkage, etc.?

(2) The LCD readout on the radio is wholly unreadable. Is this replaceable? Was there a recall? How much is this problem going to cost to fix?

(3) The SRS light stays on for a while (sometimes a couple of miles) after the car is turned on, then it goes out. Any ideas? Note that playing with electrical switches, such as the HVAC fan controls, seems to get the light to go out.

(4) Finally, I need to remove the cassette holder under the radio so that I can fabricate a replacement panel to hold a readout/IF receiver for an RF CD changer control. How do I get the cassette storage unit out without destroying it or anything else?

Thank you.

Jody Hart

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