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Thank you for the reply. As to your response to (3), I am not certain that I understand. My SRS light does go out. Are you saying that, once the seatbelt buckle is replaced, the light comes on permanently unless turned off with a service tool? Or did you believe that my SRS light stayed on all the time? Also, as to zero resistance in my seatbelt buckle, how does such a problem occur? Are there contacts in the buckle that wear out?

As to your response to (4), prior to my original post, I found the screws to which you refer. However, that baby still didn't seem to want to come out. Further, I couldn't figure out how to get the ashtray out. If I could visualize the various locations and methods by which the cassette holder is held in place (screws, clips, friction, etc.), I'd feel a lot more confident about removing it without destroying anything! Can you offer any description?

Thank you again.

Jody Hart
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