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Look at your first picture. Do you see the goldish colored nut toward the top? That's your upper control arm ball joint. The ball joint is upside down. That J shaped arm that holds the joint is your upper control arm. The cylindrical part of the upper control arm that attaches to the body of the car is the housing for the upper control arm bushing.
The big arm on the bottom that holds the spring shock, etc. is the lower control arm. Same thing with this one. The two parts that connect to the car are the lower control arm bushings. On the opposite side where it attaches to the bottom of the steering knuckle is the lower ball joint.
Now look at the second picture. Left side middle of the picture you can see a round bar. That is your sway bar. If you follow it toward the wheel you'll see that it attaches to the lower control arm. The rubber part of the attachment is the sway bar bushing.

Any of these moving parts can cause squeaking. But the high pitch squeaking that you described sounds to me like metal to metal. Which could be dried up ball joints or the spring. I would check the ball joints. Start with the upper (tendency to dry up quicker since it's upside down, easier to get to).
Hope this helps.

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