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Need some help with my A/C blower.

No matter where I set the 'volume' wheel (Min, AUTO, Max) it blows a very low volume of air. As the control is rotated from one end (Min) to the other (Max), the air volume changes but it's blowing at what would be considered a MIN setting.

The A/C is fine; compressor cycles and the evaporator temp ranges from 34F to 40F, so it's blowing very cold air but just not a lot of it!!

The sensors (internal temp and external temp sensors seem ok based on the readings of the using the DIAG mode (my page; menu #14)

Poked around and it seems to be this 'critter'. What is it?? Looks like a triac? But that's for AC? I'm confused?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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