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I second the motion by Rdetoy. Techron used to be stocked at the local MBZ dealers in Southern California years ago. It is undoubtedly effective stuff. So is the Ventil Sauber; it is excellent. They are probably the only two truly effective (gasoline) injection cleaners on the market; they are not snake oil.

Problem was that some brain surgeons thought that if one can of techron is good, then two or three is better. Or they would add it at every fill up. Wrong move. The techron would ‘wash away’ the oil from the cylinder bores (actually it didn’t physically remove it per se, it broke down the oil film and thus made it ineffective. Mercedes ended up eating quite a few engines on warranty because of its misuse, and Presto - no more Techron at the dealers.

Definitely change your oil after running through the Techron. I always use a bottle of techron or vetil sauber in the tank of gas used prior to the next oil change on my gas engined babies.
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