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I have been an avid follower and occasional contributor to this web page for a couple of years so I am aware of the potential "pitfalls" of owning a 300E. This will probably generate a lot of discussion but I would like your opinions on whether I should be proactive and start replacing some of the parts of my car that are destined to fail or wait until they do fail. The car has 110,000 miles and still has the original radiator and water pump. Both appear healthy, no leaks or any signs of imminent failure. The climate control blower is still OK....
It uses less than a quart of oil between changes so I'm not planning any valve seal work.
There are others but we all know what they are.....
Let me know your opinions and whether I should keep going with diligent preventive maintenance or start throwing some parts at it.

Thanks....Chuck Robitaille
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