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First, thanks to those who advised me over the past week on my shopping for a 190E. I swung a deal over the weekend on an immaculate 1990 190E 2.6 with 89,000 miles. It's a beautiful, well-maintained car owned from new by a retired couple. I pick it up Tuesday morning and am looking forward to enjoying the car. I like to do my own light maintenance and service work so I'll be a regular participant on the forum here....

A couple questions for the collective wisdom of the group:

1) What are people's favorite oil as far as grade and brand. I've always felt that the mass-market oils are about the same, so you buy the cheapest oil, change it frequently (2,500 to 3,000 miles) and you'll be fine. But putting Wal-Mart oil into a fine German engine seems, well, "off". Thoughts?

2) Ditto with oil filters. I've always used Fram, thinking that since I change so often, it'll be fine even if it's not the absolute best. PH2870A? or go with Mercedes brand?

3) The left rear window doesn't work, which I understand is a common failure. The owner disconnected the switch because the window would go down but not up -- bad regulator. I'm getting a new regulator, and just was wondering if there's anything I should know about putting it in. What's the best way to get the door panel off without bunging it up? Is the installation of the regulator obvious or are there any hints and tricks to know? All advice is appreciated. (I haven't yet purchased a service manual, but would like to attack the window reg right away.)

4) What have folks found to be the best way to get tar stains off Parchment colored floor mats?

Thanks to one and all for valuable input.
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