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Angry Fuse fire on my w124

Originally Posted by fz500sel
I was driving down the road today in my '93 400E with my A/C on and my blower "hiccuped" for a second. About a minute later I was slowing down at a red light when I noticed smoke coming out from the drivers side of the hood. I immediately pulled into the turn lane with my flashers on and turned off the blower fan. I popped the hood and the blower fuse was completely gone and all of the plastic around it was on fire. I blew it out after a couple tries. The hood pad even melted. What should I do? I'm afraid to even try the A/C now.

This has got me worried because the '88 300E I sold to my neighbor had the same thing except the only thing the fuse melted was the plastic cover that goes over the fuse.
Hello, your post is of great interest to me as this has just happened to our 1990 300E. Under hood, after the fire looked similar. We put the fire out with a blanket. We have had the paint work repaired. We have wired in anew 30 amp fuse, the type most new cars have, not mercedes fuse link, and the fan at any speed continues to work and not blow the fuse. The fire was caused directly by MB fuse due to its location. It, and it alone, started the hood material on fire,including other wires to catch on fire. With the hood closed it more or less touches the hood lining.
I have no trouble with fuses blowing due to any cause.The fuse is supose to 'burn out'> Its sole perpose is so that wires/cars do not burn to the ground. Right? I do have a big problem with M.B. over this 'add on' fuse link. It was an quick fix for the earlier smaller fuses in the fuse box. Do you know of a good law firm? My pictures are the same. let me know what you think please. warm regards........miglenda
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