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I have a 1987 260e w124 that has a vacuum leak in the a/c climate control, I have taken the glove box out a verified the actuator that controls the defrost vent door are leaking, but still have other leaks, some of the vacuum lines leaving the vacuum valve block (labeled 1-7 on the block with colored circles) lead behind the dash and leak also when placing my mity vac pump on them, I think one of them that leaks is the Recirculation flap door which is letting mostly outside air in, I can turn the recirculation button on and the air does not change, the number on port on the valve block opens and the leads out through a red tube that splits into 2 red tubes and goes behind the dash, when placing my vac tester there, they leak, I was wanting to see if anyone can send me a vacuum hose diagram as to where these colored hoses go after the distribution block behind the glove box, I can not at present time afford the w124 cd, but will be one when I can, thanks if you can help.

1987 Mercedes 260e (w124)
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