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Not All 300Es

Brother of the Benz, WDurrance
You can not class all 300E with the 103983 engine with the miles EADG has on his engine requiring the valve guides replaced.
The life of the guides and the seals is directly related to oil change frequency and combustion chamber pressure(heavy throttle).
There are more with higher miles that don't require replacing having had the proper maintainance and correct driving technique that those that do.
My 1987 W124030 with 176,000 miles does not use oil between changes. That's to say it isn't low at the oil change mileage, 4-5000 miles for highway type and 3-4000 miles for city driving.
Given a second chance,and changing the oil as recommend by the authors in Starr magazine's technical section, changing driving habits,EADG may get an additional 100,000 miles before the lower section may need service.
Good luck with your oil consumption problem.
Go easy on the throttle to reduce the strain on the valves as they are slammed into their seats from the combustion pressure, and who knows what may happen.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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