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O.K., am I completely clueless here? I went to go adjust the waste gate today on my car, a 1984 300D California version *with* the recirculation valve on the turbo. It is a Garrett turbo, not a KKK. (Man, that is a politically incorrect name if there ever was one maybe someone should clue in the guys at the factory )

I carefully examined it visually everywhere that I could actually get a line of sight to see, and then I used a dental probe all around the retaining spring/clip/ring. I felt all around the circumference of the retaining spring for the cover, and I could not find a gap anywhere. And I mean Anywhere. What is going on here? Incompetence? Or is there a possibility that this type of turbo is actually somehow *sealed* and cannot be adjusted? Being that it has the recirculation valve, it probably is the same turbo used on the 1985 Federal cars.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Or was I just having a brain-dead sort of day?

Thanks everyone!
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