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Would you know what this MOT thing is suppose to do? Or what are the symptoms if it does go kaput? but i doubt this MOT part is the one I am suppose to change.

Went back to parts dealer again and we reconfirmed that this is indeed a w124 part, or at least the cd says so. Problem is that the cd doesnt tell where it is in the car. It is located beside the charcoal cansiter(it looks more like a rectangular box than a canister but anyway...).

Hope this might ring a bell on the location. Found out not every model have this device(its under evaporation control i think).

The last resort would be going back to the dealer but they quoted me 300SGD +++; when it looks like i can do it under 5 secs so long as I know where it is located and the fact that it costs me only 30 bucks doesnt help!
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