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Robert Boyer
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I've got my SEL acting very pretty lately; new everything.

I'm just not satisfied with the degree of road feel/slight vibration pick-up from the steering wheel: no movement or shake, just too much minor vibration feel. (Note: my wheel also picks-up radio vibrations, so I'm pretty sure this is a sensitive steering column issue-and not tire balance. Also, when I take my hands off the wheel, car feels as smooth as butter). I've read a post somewhere that replacement of the bushings leading in and along the steering column would make a big difference in this regard. What's the consensus, here? Similar experiences?

What is involved in replacing the appropriate bushings? (remember: this is an '88, and has the air-bag in the steering wheel).

Can this be a DIY job? Please be specific as to what's involved; tools; and time element. Is it worthwhile for the problem I'm explaining? Any responses on point will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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