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Hello All,
I've recently gone through the evaporator repair on my 1994 S350. Now the air conditioner seems noisier. There are some hisses/gurgling etc coming from the center vents. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, was the repair shop able to solve the noises?

FWIW, this repair has been a nightmare:
1. the shop couldn't diagnose.
2. the job never got assigned to a tech
3. the tech was out sick.
4. they had to replace my ignition
4A. (Forgot about this..) The car overheated 5 miles away due to air in the cooling system...
5. they broke my cruise control arm.
6. the freon all leaked out again - due to some valve leaking
7. they didn't tighten the windshield wiper.

So, confidence is not high that the job was done right.

TIA for any thoughts.

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