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I've booked an appiontment with the MB Dealership in Burlington Ontario (has anybody dealt with them??). They will preform a leak down test on all 6 cylinders next Monday. If in fact it is the valve seals that need to be replaced I'll take the oppritunity to replace the seals on all the valves. With the rocker cover off and the seals removed is it possible to measure the wear on the valve stems or does the head have to come off and valves be removed to measure this?
The labour rate is $82CDN/hr (~ $55US) Does anybody know the cost of parts; seals guides and valves?? I believe they said 5 to 6 hours to replace the seals, how much more time would it be if they replaced the vaulves too?

Some of you may have noticed that I'm changing the oil and filter quit frequently, 3000 - 3500Km... I've destroyed a 525i ( funny story about valve seals, smoke and a mechanic - I'll leave that for anouther day though)and 2 280E engines due to oil. I'm NOT going to blow an engine this time 'round.

Cheers for now
'91 300E
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