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You're welcome. I cannot help you with the diagram or CD as I have been too cheap to buy one. I can tell you that in the trunk of my car the two vacuum lines (as you look into car) snake along on the right side up near the top of the right wing behind the plastic liner and then come across the rear to the lock valve which is located behind a black plastic cover that poops off to gain access. While you are looking for the leak, if it is in trunk area, you could verify your key works in the trunk lock then plug off the lines and the remaining system may be intact enough to function while you are using the car. You could also disconnect the two main lines on the driver's side floor and plug the operating side and use the door locks manually also. Note if you plug all four passages when disconnecting the lines on driver's side the air in the lock valves will be trapped and may keep you from locking them manually.
As for the leaking sound from booster unit area; check all lines around the oil filter. There is a line that needs to be disconnected to gain access to the filter. These could be cracked or loose. (mine don't hiss) Good luck.

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