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Hi Steve:

Thanks for the reply!

Upon close inspection this morning with my mechanic, we found the probable cause of the problem. When the dealer cut the nylon strapping to the positive cable connected to the battery, the cut away at the insulation and it was grounding to the chassis.

I have resolved the popping fuses on only 2 and 3 and still am fighting with number 1. That controls the rear headrests, cig. lighter, glove light and rear compartment light. When it pops, it shuts down the radio. I don't know how that is connected. I am still working on that one. Any ideas?

I have also resolved the dim headlight situation also.

Knocking and pinging is still there only underload. I use premium gas and octane booster. Still have the problem. Timing is at 9 degrees BTDC. I am at a lost on this one too.

I think my A/C switch got fried too. It still doesn't want to shut off. I need to open up the console to get to that.

The alternator got fried and is also shot. I got a new one this morning already and I am ready to replace that this morning. I think this may have been my original problem with the dead battery situation. Just to be safe, I got me another battery too.

Well, I am a bit closer to solving a dealer induced problem. Any ideas on how to approach the number 1 fuse problem, A/C switch and the knocking and pinging situation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advanced.

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